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We are a directory to help you find the Top 10 Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer Riverside CA.

We have seen lawyers fail to address important and complex issues in medical malpractice cases. Lawyers who choose to ignore or run away from challenging and difficult issues risk disaster for their medical malpractice clients. Jurors want to do what is right. However, it is the patient’s lawyer who must help the jury by providing all of the necessary information.

The doctors and hospitals have teams of lawyers who are paid to try to prevent the jury from hearing or understanding the “whole truth.” Indeed, these defense lawyers try to desperately get even meritorious medical malpractice cases thrown out before trial. Defense lawyers focus on creating ambiguity, confusion and complexity in order to win. Truth has little to do with their approach to justice.

Without an experienced medical malpractice lawyer, the patient may never be in a position to receive a fair trial. Seeking Justice in medical malpractice cases requires a legal team that understands the medicine and the law. With a medical doctor and lawyer, a board certified civil trial lawyer and a critical care nurse on staff, we freely educate our clients and other lawyers on this complex area of law.

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